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The Boat Was My Friend 10 years ago
Ha! I think Austen would applaud the wet-shirt scene too. It's probably the best diversion from a book in film making (ok, mini tv series) that I can think of! And it's indeed so frustrating as you read on that Anne and Wentworth can't even talk to each other, but I suppose she had mastered that art too; portraying awkwardness. It was my first read on Persuasion as well and I think you've really captured the essence of it :)
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
Thanks! With my first reading of books post GR and BL, I try to capture how I felt in the review for my own benefit as well as give a sense of the book I read to any other person reading it. I look back at all the books I gulped down as fast food when I was a kid and am kinda sad that I can't remember many of my reactions to my first time reading most of my favorite books.

Oh my gosh, the whole Anne and Wentworth reactions were painful! I'm glad I was mostly alone when I read this, as I occasionally all but screamed "Just talk to her, darn you!" However, it wouldn't have been as great a book if they're problems had been so quickly solved.