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The Boat Was My Friend 10 years ago
A must watch during this weekend!
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
Yes! I found it lovely and it captured so perfectly the various characters reactions in the book. The two actors above particularly captured the...painful embarrassment that existed between them throughout the book. All in all, it was a decent adaptation.
aka Grasshopper 10 years ago
Is this the one with Amanda Root? It was great.
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
I believe so. I really enjoyed it. I hope to watch the mini-series at some point but don't know when that will be.
Yes, it is the one with Amanda Root (and Ciaran Hinds as Wentworth, and Michael Redgrave as Sir Walter, and Sophie Thompson as Mary Elliot ...)

Thanks for the shout-out, DoA -- and yes, much as I love this movie, I have EXACTLY the same issues with it as you do! (Also, Mrs. Smith fraternizes just a tad too much with her carer in that movie. I can see the impetus for a certain degree of above-average closeness, what with total physical dependency and all that, but they ARE from different classes, and in the early 19th century, I think Mrs. Smith would have been very conscious of that and would have kept a little more distance and decorum by and large ... "delicious gossip" and all notwithstanding.) In fact, the portrayal of Mr. Eliot and Mrs. Smith -- and of Mrs. Smith's revelations about Mr. Eliot -- is what occasionally sends me back to watching the miniseries from the 1970s (NOT the more recent one!), however much I prefer the 1995 movie in virtually every other respect, most notably the portrayals of Anne, Wentworth, and a plethora of other characters ...
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
Yeah, that bothered me too. It was so out of character for a woman of her former station. I liked the actor who played Mr. Elliot and felt he was shortchanged. I've always wanted to write down my thoughts on movies and miniseries based on books, so I thought I'd start with this one. Glad you liked it! I'll have to check out the 1970 version.
Oh yes, I like Samuel West ("Mr. Eliot") a lot, too. He often plays baddies, or used to, anyway (he's also John Harrison's antagonist astronomer in "Longitude", for example). Like(d) his mom and dad, Prunella Scales Timothy West, as well. (They're one of "those" families of enormously gifted British actors ...!) And the funny thing is, when Samuel W. was younger, he didn't much seem to resemble his dad -- but in recent years, you can really start to see the family resemblance!
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
I recommend it highly. I would suggest brushing up on the book though, it doesn't always explain its self fully. Hope you enjoy!
I agree -- read the book first, THEN watch the movie. It's a great illustration/amplification of the book, but it shouldn't be used as an introduction, because -- while it's faithful to MOST of the book -- some things do get left out or changed, and that invariably has an impact on how individual characters are presented.