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Ungh... Arrr... Books! 10 years ago
I've been planning to re-read this for a while. I'm so tempted to try Audible now... but damn, audio books sure are expensive. o_O;
Degrees of Affection 10 years ago
You do get...30% off any book you buy with money and the one book for one credit is a really great deal. I did the year membership in one...admittedly big hit but used Christmas money to do it. By wouldn't be too bad, I think. So far, they've had sales, good daily deals, and BOGOs (Buy One, Get One) offers. You might not want to pick one up all the time...but if you can get books for not too shabby prices.

I agree though, they are expensive. If they're good, in the end I think they're worth it; but I tend to try ones at my library before I think of buying.