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Bookworm Blurbs 3 years ago
@karaelaine1991 - it's my personal (and only) account on there so I have it locked for privacy reasons but I usually accept requests if it's someone I know or a book related account :) welcome to instagram!
Drea's Book Fetish 3 years ago
I found u :) I'm andreah_wears_the_cheese
It's going to b my only profile too. I opened it for a friend, but decided to use it for my passion, books!
I don't have an Instagram account, but I have friends who love it. I'm too lazy to start one.
Drea's Book Fetish 3 years ago
I'm a little nervous, I'm not sure what I'm starting here. At least I have u here and GR :)
KatieMc 3 years ago
I am kmcritchie at instagram. I occasionally use it for photos, not a hangout for me.
Drea's Book Fetish 3 years ago
I am loving the book challenges over there. But there's no replacement for my book sites. I'm here more than FB