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Drea's Book Fetish 5 years ago
Insta reblog amirite!!
Liz Loves Books.Com. 5 years ago
That made me giggle a lot! :D
Drea's Book Fetish 5 years ago
Me too!! I love morning giggles, or random day giggles depending where u r :D
This is hilarious!
Drea's Book Fetish 5 years ago
Grim, I said the exact thing on the original post lol!
Great minds think alike!
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 5 years ago
I LOVE Quote Investigator! What was so interesting about Goodreads quotes is that there were often so many inaccurate/badly cited quotes on it, and that those became quickly high in the google search results. Also over the past decade it's become increasingly difficult to find sources for quotes - you know, so that if you truly like the quote you can go look it up and read it in context. So many websites have popped up that share the same incorrect quotes that it's now really difficult to research them in the same way that once worked.

So I'm always happy when someone posts something like this! (I'm one of those people who's had to argue with random people on the internet that yes, if you actually care about the author you're quoting, it does matter that no one is sharing the work those words come from. Lots of people try to say it doesn't matter. Which, argh.)
Derrolyn Anderson 5 years ago
Love this.