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I've loved this song for quite a while now!
Drea's Book Fetish 5 years ago
it was a new discovery to me this year. It came on my pandora, on my I hate everyone station haha
XD Nice. I think Lily Allen is quite clever, and calls people out for their shitty behavior. It's not quite as in your face, but she does this quite beautifully in her song the Fear. She does it with men all the time; so many of her songs are about fuckery that men either condone or perpetrate. (I'd argue that she calls herself/women out on bullshit, too, so I've never thought of her as an overly enthusiastic feminist, either.)
Drea's Book Fetish 5 years ago
I kinda love that and never knew. Must now check out more of her stuff!!
:D I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I took her CDs out of the library, and I really should buy them, too...