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I think I DNFed this book!
Lornographic Material 7 years ago
Had I read it instead of listened to it I never would have finished it.
I've tried two of his books and have given up on him. I find his constant descriptions of repetitive actions to be tedious.

Then again, he has tons of fans so clearly others are getting much more from his work than I do!
Lornographic Material 7 years ago
It's just the minimalist style. It's fucking annoying. You over-describe minutiae and skip the big things.
Yay! I'm not the only one.

I never thought American Psycho would be so /boring./
Lornographic Material 7 years ago
I've put AP down at least four times. I can't get past the very first chapter. I will listen to the audiobook at some point. If I have to read it the old fashioned way I'll never finish it.
Oh, Ellis. I came off this conversation to reread my favorite story. Thirty pages, and the feels. I always feel everything in Robbie by Asimov and he gives you so much less description than Ellis. And it makes me realize just how much people can do with less.