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ѦѺ 9 years ago
love this book. i agree with you E. it's one of SK's best. :D
Great review, E.
9 years ago
Guess I need to read this one!
Cody's Bookshelf 9 years ago
One of my very favorites. Sadly, it seems to get overlooked a good deal.
Lornographic Material 9 years ago
Yup. I wrote my theory for why up there in response to Tigus's comment.
Lornographic Material 9 years ago
Yeah, unfortunately it does get lumped in. He had a run of stinkers, for sure. Just about everything after his accident in '99 until LISEY'S STORY in 2006 stunk (the Dark Tower books excluded... well, SONG OF SUSANNAH stunk too, if I'm honest). But even LISEY'S STORY was shit-panned, and I find it one of his more beautifully told tales. Casual readers didn't start coming back to him until UNDER THE DOME, and then he won just about everyone back with 11/22/63.
Lornographic Material 9 years ago
That sucks. :(