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Cody's Bookshelf 3 years ago
Great review! My only problem with this one is its uncomfortable similarities to IT, which I'm surprised you didn't mention.

However, King has said this book is one of his favorite horror novels, so if he's cool with it I guess I am, too.
Lornographic Material 3 years ago
The only similarity I found was the clod fight, but even that was different, because the kids were playing and not actually having a battle, like in IT. There was no female character everyone pined for. All the boys' personalities were different from the boys in IT. While Duane was a fat book nerd like Ben, Ben was nowhere near as confident as Duane. The monster wasn't a shapeshifter. It didn't have branching timelines. I can't think of much these two books had in common. What uncomfortable similarities did you notice?