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A Voracious Reader 7 years ago
I've never read a Dean Koontz book. Should I get the urge, I won't be reading this one, that's for sure.
You did it! and boy am i glad! Cause I got to read the review *happy grin*
aaaand it made my day !
Lornographic Material 7 years ago
I live to serve. :)

*bows, blows out back, hobbles away*

Books 'n Stuff 7 years ago
Years and years ago, I read his book 'By the Light of the Moon'. It was mediocre crap all the way up until the end, when the characters started talking about becoming superheroes or some random shit, at which point it became something less than mediocre crap. Anyway, I've never wasted my time on him since then.
Lornographic Material 7 years ago
That's a shame because his old stuff (anything from when he still had the R. in his name - Dean R. Koontz) is pretty damn good. Unfortunately, he rehashes plots and characters every other book now, so even his older stuff seems like his new stuff.
Sarah's Library 7 years ago
Personally, I would enjoy a detailed examination of baked goods, especially if you wrote it after your brain seeped out from ear to vacation in Aruba. LOL I laughed when I first read about your vacationing brain, then went back to re-read it for the above comment, to make sure I had it right and this time I snorted. Funny, funny man.