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More than a book per day is hugely impressive (and I continue to be impressed at seeing these figures from you).

And yeah, although overall I've really had a phantastic reading year, some of my biggest disappointments throughout the year, too, were books that really shoiuld have worked well for me and that I'd very much been looking forward to.
Emerjas 2 months ago

It's like an extra dose of disappointment when you're so sure the book was going to be just your thing and then it's not to add to the disappointment of not enjoying the book. They stand out so much more that way.
They do! It's also a huge damper on curiosity. ("Oh, this sounds cool ... but -- hang on -- naw, this is probably just going to be another case of XYZ probably better not, it's probably not worth it after all!")
Emerjas 2 months ago
One of the best ways for a pitch to turn me off a book is to say it’s just like a book I hated. Even though I find advertising pitches are often very wrong in their comparisons, I just can’t help my automatic “Well, that’s a big no from me” response.
Yes, those are frequent "nos" for me, too (though not automatic -- just because, as you said, blurbs often get it wrong in the first place). I'm increasingly coming across books, though, where it's not even the blurb that's teling me outright "if you loved XYZ you'll also love this" (translation: "since I hated XYZ, chances are I might also hate this one"), but rather, it's something more intangible -- be it about the way the blurb is framed or the language that it uses, or a summary I've read elsewhere, or the use of words that are triggers to me, or something that I can't even really put my finger on at all -- that tells me "this may be a raging bestseller, but it probably isn't for you, because it sounds like it might contain XYZ feature (writing style, POV, narrative tense, target audience, etc.) that you just know will put you off."
Emerjas 2 months ago
I know what you mean. Some blurbs do all the work of keeping the book off my TBR because there’s just something about it that is unappealing. And that’s fine because my TBR is long enough. Plus, there are plenty that make it on still.
True. Even though these days, I'm much more likely to add something that's being recommended by friends whose judgment I trust, rather than something I've just found while browsing.
Emerjas 2 months ago
That's definitely the best way to get me to add something.