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Murder by Death 6 years ago
I created a "maybe" shelf and I've been known to periodically go through and delete all the books off that. But my TBR is the list of books I actually own, so deleting that list would mean getting rid of a LOT of books. :)
Redhead Reading 6 years ago
I know a lot of people consider the to-be-read shelf to be owned books only. But I consider it a catch-all category so I throw everything in there and have a separate owned-books shelf. But I definitely should cull my TBR for sure.
My TBR shelf is a combination of "owned" and "wishlist" as well. I do have separate shelves for those two "sub-"-categories, too, so a book is either "TBR" + "owned" or "TBR" + "wishlist" (and will be moved from "wishlist" to "owned" once I've actually acquired it).