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That's my kind of math!
I was reading about measuring distance in non-Euclidean spaces earlier - sure that's not your kind of maths?
I try to lead a non-Euclidian life. Excuse me while I go take the Hounds of Tindaloos "out" for a walk.
lazy math=my kind of math.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 4 years ago
I adore Vance, so fun to see someone discovering him!
What do you feel is Vance's strongest couple of works?
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 4 years ago
The Moon Moth is my favourite - it's a novella. I think he was at his best in the shorter formats, even his most famous novels are fixups from short stories, like this one you read, so the short story collections are worth a read. I'm also fond of Araminta Station and it's sequels, especially if you like mysteries (he also wrote straight up mystery novels but those I haven't read - but it shows in this series). And the other dying earth books of course. Can I just answer "all of them"?