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Thank you so much for following me back!! I watched your video and you are so funny! I liked your books that you're going to be reading as well! Kindred looks REALLY good so I may need to check that out!!
Thanks for the compliments! I have an ambitious reading TBR pile this month.
You really do girl!! But you know what, I can't even lie. I do too!! I think I have 6 books that I have to read before October 29th...I'm doing WAY too much! I hope I can do it though!! But your books seem 10x more fun than the books I have to get through! :) But you won't be alone in the struggle at least!! :) LOL hahha
I have 2 others I'd like to read too but really I'm going to have to be realistic. I don't usually do TBRs but we will see how I get along. What are you reading?
I'm reading a lot of self-help type books because...well 1. I like reading them and 2. I teach online classes and I had to do some research which might sound really nerdy ah well. lol So for this weekend, I am reading, "The Love Response by Eva M. Selhub, I Never Called it Rape by Robin Warshaw and Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund J. Bourne.'s a pretty deep weekend. lol haha I need a fun book