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YouKneeK 8 years ago
Oh wow, I’m sorry the ending got spoiled for you. I just finished reading the series for the first time this past January (and I’m 40!), and I would have been really mad if that had happened to me. They robbed you of the opportunity to experience it for the first time and react to it in the context of the story.

I still see people mention now and then that they’ve never read the series. The store should have at least given a warning if they weren’t creative enough to find a way to advertise the story without spoiling the earlier books.
Breathing Books 8 years ago
I'm almost glad that I waited to read them because if I had read them at their intended age I'm not sure I would have understood them. Most of it probably would have gone right over my head. But I was really shocked the store would just blurt out a lot of spoilers about the end of the series. I would think that being a book store they would understand that readers hate being spoiled!
Oh, that was just wrong. :/ I hope you complained about it!
As the page turns.. 8 years ago
Oh no! Spoiling that series is unforgivable! :O
That is just awful! I would have had to say something. I am so sorry..
Breathing Books 8 years ago
I think I was too stunned to say anything. At that point I was so done I just left haha
Hol 8 years ago
Talk about infuriating! Are you still planning to read them, nor has that put you off it?
Breathing Books 8 years ago
I just finished Order of the Phoenix yesterday. I do still plan on finishing the series!