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8 years ago
That was fast! Sorry you didn't like it more.
Hol 8 years ago
Lol, thanks. Well I did enjoy it, there were just some problems. I still liked it though. Thanks for inviting me to join HA, I really enjoyed the group read.
Funny how this book can generate such completely different views and reviews. Great review, btw, and one that finally helped me make a decision whether or not to read now or way, way later. While it sounds interesting, I tend to hesitate at strange. Lol. Not to mention, too many great books out there for me to muck around in strange. And I'm not too crazy about YA, even if it's only a small portion.
Hol 8 years ago
Thanks. Yeah, I totally agree, much better out there, so you made a wise choice.No sense wasting your time.
Hol 8 years ago
There was quite a lot of the YA by the way, so you definitely wouldn't like it then.
No doubt. Thanks for taking one for the team
Hol 8 years ago