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Familiar Diversions 3 years ago
One of the reasons why, when reading e-books, I prefer using my Simple Touch over my tablet. Yes, they can both die, but the tablet dies more frequently.

Also, I'm laughing a little because one thing that's always on my travel "to do" lists is to charge my e-reader. And I still end up packing a backup paperback or two. :D
Hol 3 years ago
You're very prepared, I think I'll start doing that, Familiar Diversions.
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Ouch! I always take a paperback when travelling. Always.
Hol 3 years ago
I'm starting that!
As the page turns.. 3 years ago
HAHA I was about to post that exact picture! XD
...great minds...
Hol 3 years ago
Hooked on Books 3 years ago
LoL so true -that's hilarious : )
Hol 3 years ago
booknerd42 3 years ago
Is it weird that to make sure this doesn't happen I bring a physical book as well as my ebook in my bag :)
Hol 3 years ago
Not wierd at all, booknerd42.
lol thats why you always invest in spare travel battery chargers so that never happens
Hol 3 years ago
Very good idea, Krissy.
Bark at the Ghouls 3 years ago
I always keep a backup "real" book in my bag. Always. I never want to be caught without one.
Hol 3 years ago
It's painful when it happens.