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Did you ever watch the movie?
Hol 8 months ago
Sorry I'm just replying to you both, I've been ill so bout of books is a bust, but I've read more this week and that's all I wanted, anyway. No, Themis, I haven't seen the film, but I will. Is it a good representation of the book? BT, I'm unsure at this point whether I'm enjoying it exactly, but it's definitely an interesting read. The fact that the royal wedding is happening tomorrow is quite an interesting back-light to the archaic way of traditional England. I struggle a lot with emotion, so I understand Stevens. He's definitely a strange man, but a product of his times that I'm finding very illuminating to learn about.
Yes, I do think the film is a good adaptation of the book (I'd say "adaptation" rather than "representation", but it's a faithful one). Condensed, obviously, but pervaded by a sense of repressed emotion, which in turn controls everything else as well..
BrokenTune 8 months ago
I love that film. Like I said on another post, Anthony Hopkins movies of the 1990s have a lot to answer for. ;)
It's beautifully shot, too.
The book is different from the film in that it has a very different feel to it, I thought, even tho the film is a faithful adaptation.
With all the repression portrayed in the film, it is still a lot more "obvious" than the book. The is a bit more ... evasive, but that's what I thought was so brilliant about it. Well, one of the brilliant aspects.
Yes, that's why I think "adaptation" is probably a better word than "representation" ... anyway, agreed, it's a phantastic movie.

Btw, Anthony Hopkins actually commented on the fact that he literally seemed to have "specialized" in repressed men in the 1990s ...
BrokenTune 8 months ago
Yes, ... and luckily he broke out of that role in the second half of the decade, and starting the next one with what? Hannibal? Less repression there...
He actually included Hannibal Lecter in the list of those roles ... (the interview is part of the extra features on the DVD of "Howards End" IIRC -- or "Remains of the Day").
BrokenTune 8 months ago
Are you enjoying the read? I mean, the book is not a bundle of laughs, obviously, but how do you like the writing?

Also, if this scene makes your heart break, make sure you have a good supply of tissues for the end. ;)