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Please! Just don't dog ear any pages at all! Or write in the margins, or underline bits, or, or...or at least don't do any of that and then make it available to me in a 2nd hand book store...
Familiar Diversions 2 weeks ago
Agreed. Whatever happened to using a random scrap of paper or some junk mail or maybe even an actual bookmark? Why is it that so many folks can't read a book even once without leaving permanent damage?

I once had an assignment in middle school where we were all required to have a personal copy of the book the class was reading and we were expected to highlight passages, write notes in the margins, etc. Even though I wasn't a fan of the book, I hated marking it up like that.
I only ever did it once and sorely regretted it.
Elentarri's Book Blog 2 weeks ago
Agreed! I've got a few books I've read to death, but most of the stuff I buy new still looks new after 2 or 3 reads.

I use those paint colour sampler strips as book marks. They are free, come in lots of colours, you can scribble on them if you need to, and it doesn't matter if you loose them because there are loads more. I've also used strips of ribbon.