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That was so great! Is this a film or TV show?
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tv show. british. I'm watching it online and it is hilarious. i've never seen anything like it before.
Oh my goodness! Did you just add that paragraph or did I just totally miss that the first time?? I swear it wasn't there before. Haha!

I *LOVED* Roswell (I still watch them!!), and I loved Dawson's Creek (did you watch them all yet or are you new to them?) and I loved My So Called Life. :) This show, the one you posted above, I'm going to try to find it. It definitely sounds like something I would love.
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The paragraph was there. :) I'm such a nerd. I watch the Roswell christmas episodes every holiday. There is some amazing Roswell fan fiction out there too.
I'll give you the link for episode one of MMFD. I recommend this!! You can watch it youtube or dailymotion. Just search 'My Mad Fat Diary 1x01' and so forth. There are 2 seasons as of now.
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I don't know if you know this, but there was a season 4 planned for Roswell before it was cancelled. It has the books to prove it. Roswell A New Beginning by Kevin Ryan is the book that picks up after they've left Roswell together. It was to be season 4.
I think it's great you watch the Roswell Christmas eps. Hey, I was part of a fandom a few years ago, not Roswell but True Blood, so I will never judge extreme love of certain TV shows. :) And thanks so much for the link and for the info about S4 Roswell. I had no idea that Roswell had planned a S4. Have you read the book? Does it end on a happy note or should I not read it?
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Yeah, I've read all the Roswell books. Some very interesting things happen, with everyone. And Alex continues to be a main character. It starts off the minute they load the van and take off. All the books end on a good note. The very end came together nicely. They can cost up to $75 each since they're out of print, but you can find them online. No one wants to pay that much so they share. It's ridiculous. Ever since Roswell hit Netflix, there have been high demands for them in ebook format.
A New Beginning (Roswell #5) by Kevin Ryan
Nightscape (Roswell #6) by Kevin Ryan
Pursuit (Roswell #7) by Andy Mangels
Turnabout (Roswell #8) by Andy Mangels
Thanks so much for the info! I appreciate it. :) I'm really excited about finding these.