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They actually did post updates on FB -- they even changed the main update post a couple of times ... and quite a number of BL members commented on their update posts.
I did not see anything on FB (but then again, FB feed not perfect). That would be an improvement over the previous time.
This is the post that they changed repeatedly for the most recent "work in progress" updates:

This is their "Booklikes is live again" post:

Usually it's easiest just to check their FB page -- you'll find both of the above posts there, too:
Oh, I am not doubting you. I have found FB's algorithm hides all sorts of things, so I am sure BL's stuff was there but the feed did not prioritize it. Anyways, back on the road.
I've pretty much given up on FB's feed -- well, on FB itself, actually. So whenever something's up with Booklikes, I head straight for their Facebook page itself ... and to the two Booklikes expats groups on Goodreads:

The second one is a private group, but one of the moderators just posted about it again here on Booklikes after the recent outage, in order to invite people to join:

It's where many of us go for info whenever something's happening (like the recent outage).
I had to laugh at the "expats" term a little. I do use GoodReads (albeit not a fan after they sold out to Amazon), so will check those out. Thanks for the tip.
You're welcome. And the "expats" thing is very real! :)