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RedT Reads Randomly 9 years ago
Oh my! What an imagination you have, young lady. I'm not sure why that was suspension-worthy. It's obviously fantasy. And a way enjoyable read. Thanks.
I am not sure why I got suspended either. I was 16 or 17 when I wrote it. That was 15 years ago though. I am 32 now. I still write though. Maybe I will add to the story.
when I copy and pasted, certain words were left out I need to fix it. it must be from it originslly being written with Claris Works software (now ancient, top notch back then.. Francis was occasionally replaced Squirt for some reason when I sent the file to my internal memory. LOL I should have read it after I resaved it!
Seriously? That was an overreaction.

PS - I wrote a more twisted thing about a vampire in college. People were like *facepalm* but not like 'you need to see someone, pronto!'
Your teacher should have rewarded you instead of punishing you -- this is great!
I didn't add in the story that the school I attended was was Heritage Christian School in Canton, Ohio. Marilyn Manson had also recently released his album Holy World (2000). The school was getting all kinds or bad poblicity because he had attending there until 10th or 11th grade (I can't remember which). They were super strict about anything that ventured toward the darker side of things
Also, At least I didn't hand in the story about a superhero who was a pocket rocket vibrator set out to relax all the bitchy english teachers of the world. My mom found me writing that one and basically told me that she would cut off my arms if I tried to turn it in.
RedT Reads Randomly 9 years ago
Lol. Yes I think that might have caused even more furor. Unless your teacher had a really good sense of humor. And was allowed to express it.
Apparently not! :(
No sense of humor what so ever. What is funny is that the assignment was a creative writing project about a character with supernatural abilities. She gave me a C. The girl who got the highest mark wrote a story about a girl had cupid like powers. It was written like something a middle school kid would write.
The fact that this was actually a writing assignment -- AND that "supernatural" was built into it -- makes it even worse, but basically, your teacher just missed the important points ... creativity and writing ability! (Oh well, yeah. And sense of humor, obviously ...)
RedT Reads Randomly 9 years ago
Yes, but Cupid equals love, and love is good.