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Rane Aria 3 years ago
*snort* The wisdom in that image is priceless. I never got into 50 Shades so I didn't miss anything :D
You missed nothing at all. It is a horrid book that has lead so many women into thinking that sexual abuse is ok and that is normal for men to act that way. I have a different reason for hating the book and message than most people though.
A Bit Bookish 3 years ago
I saw so many people on tumblr who were into BDSM saying that 50 Shades is abusive and awful and an incredibly inaccurate portrayal of what it means to be a part of that scene. That image is perfect. Every time I think about the fact that the woman who wrote that garbage is filthy rich I get so pissed. Aside from the whole sexual abuse thing it's total SHIT writing. Like, it sounds like she never even took a writing class. I saw someone on tumblr take a red pen and correct the entire book haha.
More like she didn't pass.sixth grade English! I too corrected the book. I hate how so many look alike books followed it. It was like a fuck storm of stupid books were trying to wrap the minds of young women. I still think 50 shades reads like it was written by a man.
A Bit Bookish 3 years ago
Right?! UGH we have a whole bunch of them in the bookstore... like erotica is great, but do it right! One line in a wanna-be 50 Shades book literally says "He pulled down his pants and took out his 10 inch penis." WHAT about that sentence is even sexual? Also really, TEN inches? Exactly ten? Did you take out a ruler and measure it? It's like reading the back of a frozen pizza box. "First, take penis out of pants. Make sure all ten inches are there, then cook 'til crust is golden brown."
Murder by Death 3 years ago
I was just in a used book store Monday morning and was looking at their "Humor" section, (last day of family holiday, husband was SUPER cranky-pants and he needed to laugh or I was gonna smack him), and what books do they have shelved there? The 50 Shades trilogy. It was hilarious! I wanted to take a picture but my husband was on the edge of whining "aren't you done yet???".
A Bit Bookish 3 years ago
Hahahahaha, yesssss! That's awesome. The owner of the first bookstore I worked at used to put Glen Beck and Scientology stuff in the "True Crime" section and books on suicide in self-help... perhaps a little off-color, but he was awesome. A Scientologist came in and got really pissed at him one day but he didn't care. He lived for that stuff lol.
I love your disclaimer. I could have used that phrasing recently ... Had I onlyt been that clever. :)
I had someone on goodreads accuse me of writing good reviews for Netgalley books. Which is not the case at all. I have given books from there anywhere from zero stars to five stars.