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BrokenTune 3 years ago
Yes, I think they will like them. We have all the Holiday barbies, I love lucy dool, haver quinn, little bo peep, some Avon dolls, cinderella, and more, much more.
These are lovely. I adore "yearly" gifts. I gave my girls an elaborate ornament every year. When they both got their own homes with their own trees they were ready to decorate.
I do that too. My mom did it also. It is fun cause you get to go out and find the perfect one. I always try to find one that represents what each of my children loves at the time.
I have purchased Xmas ornaments every year for my children. Nutcrackers, too. My mom did it for my sibs & I and its a wonderful tradition. I know my kids love and appreciate the ornament tradition. I do try to coordinate ornaments with my children's likes and personally. Makes for happy memories, especially when decorating tree each year.
Awesome!! I collect Barbie too! Also the ornaments. Nice to see a fellow collector. I also collected for both of my girls but stopped when the youngest passed away. Wish I had continued but my oldest had lost interest. Of course, now she wants mine. I have an extensive collection but not sure where to put all of them. Have my prized collectibles in curio. Haven't purchased in a while though. Your Xmas choice is lovely. The girls should love her. Fun!!