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I saw a tapeworm segment in my dog's stool a while back and got a sample of said stool and another worm segment and put it in a zip lock bag. Turns out my vet just gave me some pills to de-worm my dog and didn't need the sample at all. At all!
I had to collect it because a client tried to dine out of then litter box so I need to know exactly what the cat has so we know what to try to prevent.
Char's Horror Corner 3 years ago
Bark at the Ghouls 3 years ago
Yikes, I will never complain about my job again!!
Michelle's corner 3 years ago
How about a litter box with a lid. The cat can get in and out the flap, but you have to get the lod off to get at the litter. Helps keep the odours down. Plus a bike chain should stop them from taking the lid off without the key.
We call this client "destroyer." If she wants in it, she will get in it. The only way to keep her out would be to install a cat door and lock the toom. Good idea, right? Nope, state regs say we can't lock her out of any room in the house.
Martini 3 years ago
Eww... You have my sympathy. Really.