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Moonlight Reader 12 months ago
I think that a Donkey Named Oatie would be a much more interesting story.
"So it goes." 12 months ago
and hopefully a bit shorter?
Mystereity 12 months ago
This made me smile :)
Murder by Death 12 months ago
Me too. :)
I started a buddy read of this months ago and I'm still slogging through a little at a time. I refuse to quit. It's just too iconic and the musical with Peter O'Toole is so well done!
markk 12 months ago
This post made my day.
Jessica's Book Thoughts 12 months ago
Everytime I see the book I think of my mom. She always said one day she should consider publishing her version, never did though. She passed four years ago and I have yet to find her notebook about the donkey. It was not long like the original, about 50 pages or so.
"So it goes." 12 months ago
If you do find it, you should publish it. I would buy that in a second for all my nieces and nephews and of course a copy for me.