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aka Grasshopper 5 years ago
Before I dropped out of a group read of Mann's Magic Mt-which still lurks on my currently reading shelf mocking me for my lack of commitment - I "eavesdropped" on discussions about the subjectivity of time which were pretty interesting- more interesting than the book, as it turns out! If I had a young reader in my life, I'd check this one out.
Hi! Are you giving "stars" to your review?
Dog-Eared Pages 5 years ago
No, I don't like the star system if I can help it; I hate to quantify a book, as if it equals this or that many stars. In the end, it's very subjective and the true worth of a book is in its pages. So I just want to entice readers to read it for themselves.
Dog-Eared Pages 5 years ago
Also, I rarely review a book I don't love--if it's less than '4 stars,' I just wouldn't feel motivated to say anything about it. So the 4/5 stars is assumed! :)
I've thought about doing that different times. So then, do you prefer when others do or do not "star" your own work? Just curious.
Dog-Eared Pages 5 years ago
Oh, I don't have any preferences when it comes to others; I just hate trying to justify to myself a 4 over a 5-star review, or even a 3 over a 4. I might initially like a book that I come to love later on, so I want the ability to 'take it back.' This way, the works speak for me--but I don't have to commit to an arbitrary number or star. It's not a moral issue, however--just my own lack of commitment!