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Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Congrats on your new job. How are you liking it?
Thank you. I love it. There is a lot to learn about how they do things and its interesting to see how things work behind the scenes of a bookstore which can leave you totally gobsmacked which is amusing. There is a lot that goes on that you don't even think of when you spend a lot of time in bookstores as a shopper. Gives me an entirely new appreciation for it. :)
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
I'm glad you're loving it! I've often considered applying part time at a bookstore but worry about the retail end of it and dealing with grumpy people.
That's actually hilarious you mention that. That is something you definitely learn. How particular people are. Our store provides Books, Music, Movies, Games, Video Games, Musical instruments, Collectors items, Toys, Chotchkies, a bunch of stuff...
All day long you get people who are either open or are very precise. So you get both spectrum's. Its a very big store so there are times where I'll start a shift opening and the same people will be there when I'm finishing a shift simply because there is just so much to see.
The grumpy ones can be tricky to handle but if you are honest and polite most of them aren't so bad but most of the time you have to kind of let that stuff roll off you because you grow immune to people who are simply that way by nature and don't mean to direct it at you, its just the way they are.
Other times you find the ones that like to do the witty banter and barter and dealing trying to wheedle deals on top of the ones already provided that can kind of trip you up but it seems like the company is pretty flexible when it comes to certain things like that.
But you also have to know when to kind of draw the line when it comes to the ones who manipulate the system too.
Its a learning curve.
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
You have a great attitude. My kids work with public and tel me some crazy stories!