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It's good to see you back -- I'd been wondering where you'd disappeared. RL happens to all of us every so often! Glad you're still (mostly) in one piece ...
Thank you Athena :) I'm hoping I'll be able to find more time to catch up on all the stuff I've fallen so far behind on. How has life been treating you?
Busy and lately sick, but otherwise fine! :)
Bummer. I just got over some kind of bug that's still dragging on some effects after weeks of getting over it. Everyone I know has it too. Bad air funk or what man but its hit a lot of people lately. Hope yours isn't too serious.
Ha! I was going to lost something similar. My schedule is so full and it feels like rinse lather repeat and more. Need more reading. So many books I want to read and I seriously am worried that I will never get a chance to read aol those that I intend to read. Also what I have read I feel I have just slapped a generic review up for them because I don't have the time to express how I really feel.

Good luck and great to hear from you.
Jessica - Yeah, I wrote some notes back in October on some of the books I read then since I never got to write about them once everything came up but even now at 1 am I gotta be up at 7 am so I'm up late trying to DO something.
I agree though the reviews take a hit because of the lack of time to fully express how you feel because you're / I'm trying to get something up while I have time and the whole blogging and posting process takes forever.
I hope that you are able to make the time you want for yours and that all is well in your world.
You too.
Welcome back :) you have been missed
Thank you Snoopy. :)