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I know what it means to hate a book (and an author) in equal measure with all my heart... that's the reason I had to leave GR...
Sigh- I've hated books/authors that have been so popular. I even re-read a few because I must be missing something, right ? Finally, after years of looking for my flaws I accept that it's okay for me to just not like something because I don't. It is very hard to go down stream when all others are going up and they have weapons. Geesh, the haters can be rough.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 5 years ago
At least we have a choice, not like that lady in the Atlantic who somehow feels morally bound to finish everything.

And this essay inspired me to go re-read some Kafka too!

The comments thread is quite hilarious, with people demanding to know the book it's about, and making guesses (popular choices: Eggers, Chabon)
Murder by Death 5 years ago
I enjoyed that - thanks for the link!