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Thanks! I'm really happy about this!
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
Congrats! And checkout book at plus the "recommended for you" Python books likely to show up on that page
Thanks, and also doh, I should have hit O'Reilly first of course! I suppose it shows I've been out of programming a bit when finding the appropriate animal book isn't my first instinct. (That one looks good, also the O'Reilly language cookbooks are usually fantastic and there's one linked there in the related books.)
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
It's ISBN 9781449392925 for that third edition but won't be out until March (except by ordering directly from O'Reilly). Book page for that 3rd edition on booklikes is,13722765 . Likely some good prices on used older editions ...
Kitty Horror 1 year ago
Congratulations! Sounds like a great opportunity for you. :)
Thank you! It really is!
Congratulations !
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Congratulations! ::confetti::
Thanks! Confetti most welcome, it's daughter's turn to vacuum the house :)
Congrats -- sounds perfect all around!
It's so perfect I can hardly believe I lucked into it.