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If one can believe Wikipedia, this was indeed his first audio book. Who knew that Buffy's Spike narrated the Dresden Files? Me now. Cool.
He narrated the whole series except one in the middle where he wasn't available (I forget which number). Apparently fans weren't very happy with the replacement, and he got bought back for the rest after that Heh, actually, I just went and read the Wikipedia page myself, and see they're going to re-record the one he missed with him narrating. By book 3 or so, he's really gotten good, to the point even when I read the books now that I don't have the audiobook for, his is the voice I have in my head. But even though this one is a bit rough around the edges, it's still pretty good.

He puts his fake British accents to good use too, as the voice for Bob the spirit (and occasionally other brits as they pop up) sounds exactly like his voice for posh pre-turned Spike. I cracked up the first time he pulled that out.
A Voracious Reader 1 year ago
I'd say he hits his stride in book 6. From there on out he's spot on all the time. But the first two books? All the sighing and inhaling and pauses? Ugh! lol This series is a family favorite, paper and audio.
You're probably right, I'm being generous giving him book 3 as hitting his stride, but he's definitely improved by then. Listening to book 2 right now, on my phone via fairly low quality rips from the mp3 CD, which actually has the advantage that the breathiness is diminished quite a lot :) Or the fact I've been vacuuming the house was killing it off.
A Voracious Reader 1 year ago
He definitely improves with each book which is great. :)