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My godfather was the works manager of a provincial newspaper back in the 70s. He took me to see the typesetters and printing presses in action. It was fantastic.
My mother has worked part time for local papers, on and off, since I was a child.

I remember when I was 9 or so, and she was working on a big feature for the Bicentennial for the Charlotte Observer, that she took me down to see how the newspaper was made. Doug Marlette (their editorial cartoonist) was there, and he very kindly gave me a book of his cartoons that was just out, and signed it, as well. Such a nice man.

It was cool watching how a newspaper was made, as well, and watching the presses at work.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 5 years ago
Gosh that must have been fun for both of you! The paper I worked at was a local daily for a pretty small city, so we just used syndicated cartoons. I don't remember getting to meet anyone very interesting, since I wasn't a reporter either (actually, the reporters saw us as their mortal enemies :)

I don't know anyone who's ever seen those great big presses at work and just went "meh" though. They really are cool!

People knock social media as being the death of, well, civilization. I think it's wonderful how much of this kind of material you can find on YouTube alone. Future historians are going to love it!
When she was working on that feature, we had a lot of fun. Mostly going around to historic sites in the area, that she thought I'd find interesting.
Olga Godim 5 years ago
Thanks for the videos. Great stuff.
I'm not a typography expert but I make book covers sometimes and I know: type definitely matters. I would choose different fonts depending on the genre, the image, the length of the title, the number of words, even the letters used.