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bookaneer 9 years ago
I find the cover awfully tempting as well. Doesn't quite work with the title, or the contents, it seems.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
I think, actually, it works ok (but not spectacularly). Audrey is a bit of a dreamer, and it's got a dreamy kind of feel. But there's definitely no shiny red prom dresses (or proms) anywhere to be found in the book. The girl with no face in pretty dress thing is such a trope now, it definitely shouts "YA spunky heroine".

Also there's a "witches wardrobe" spell her cousin tries to teach her which involves spinning into a whirl, and thinking about how you want to be dressed/how you want to feel. Which has hilarious results when Audrey (remember she's only 17) is attempting to dress for her first big proper date with mister romantic interest and ends up with a red leather bustier/short shorts/thigh high platform boots combo. Cousin Sadie suggests she try that again though, and she ends up with a nice outfit :)