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I know what you mean about the pacing of The Way of Kings. I'm definitely finding parts of it a bit of a slog.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
If it helps, I got to the end of that thinking "Ohhh! So that's what all that blather earlier was about!" and thinking Sanderson was rather clever after all. I suspect that is a book rather like the Malazans, that although it's pretty good on the first read it will improve upon re-reading after finishing the series, so you can appreciate all the foreshadowing.

But WoK also had me wondering if Sanderson could write sympathetic woman characters most of the way through (she improves by the end, I am sure you know who I mean!) Reading this one, Vin is absolutely one of the best written female high fantasy characters I've read in ages, so I'm glad to know that yes, he can!