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Murder by Death 9 years ago
I have this one in the strata of Mt. TBR. I had heard conflicting things, but you have me completely intrigued. I think I'll pick it up after I'm done with Shifting Shadows. Great review!

Also: glad you liked your first cozy. :)
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
I hope you like it! It's a little silly of course. But on the other hand, it sets up a really plausible foundation for why a tiny rural village might see more than it's share of murders for future books, and why a civilian hotel resort manager might have a stake in solving them. Both those are things that have always been a sticking point for me really getting into a long mystery series (which is a little irrational of me, I know :)

9 years ago
Great review! I wasn't going to read this book but your and MbD reviews have definitely made me interested. Thanks!
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
I get a little nervous when a review of mine encourages people to read a book LOL! But I hope you like it as much as we did.