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Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
I had forgotten they revealed his parentage in the first book -- but this is a very favorite series for me. Then to my shock the follow up Tawny Man books stole my heart all over again and became a new favorite series!

I envy you reading these for the first time, have fun.
You can always re read a favorite book, even if its been a while,because then its like your read it for the first time.
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
I can't say I love all her series and books. I love this one and Tawny Man; I do see where a lot of tropes of epic fantasy but still got immersed in characters, world and story. I liked Liveship Traders. I even like her short stories (rare lately that writers of long books can write good short fiction that doesn't smack of being an episode or excerpt of their larger stories).

I could have loved her Rainwild Chronicles series if condensed into a single standalone (boy oh boy did she appear to be taking advantage of success to milk it for chapter after endless chapter of mucking about along a long river trip with an interesting start to each book that then ended as soon as got interesting -- for goodness sake, no one should attempt that series who wasn't invested in what happens next with Tintaglia and the others of her race).

After Rainwild, when she released the third Assassin/Fitz series, I made myself wait until more of series published and it was out in paperback prices--except had booksigning opportunity so do have the first one in hardcover. Haven't read any yet; lots of reviews from friends make it sound like having cliffhanger or almost cliffhanger endings like Rainwild series did where I'm still leery. I dunno.