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Murder, She Reads 10 months ago
I really want to try this series but there are soooo many in this series that I am
Yea, I am so glad I started it when the series just really started. It's funny my sister got the first two, she didn't care for them, so she let me try them and the rest is history!!! I really love the books of course there are winners and losers along the way. The first one will always be my favorite, I feel for Roarke when he first showed up in the story. I really love a bad boy with a heart of gold, and is really a softie!!!!! Especially with Eve.
Murder, She Reads 10 months ago
I have a friend who loves them and is going to let me borrow the audio versions, so I am going to try book one soon. :)
Awesome, I can't wait to see how you like them!!!! I only listened too a couple of them. There not bad, I just am not a very big on listening to books, I prefer to just read a book. Though there are times when it's nice to listen to a book. I will sometimes buy the book as well as buy the audio and follow along with the narrator!!!!!!!