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Tired of Spamlikes 6 years ago
great review , Im about half way done and its stressing me out lol , I could have been done but I was busy in RL and I didn't want to rush or have t put it down after min
Awe thanks so much. I got done with it in the early morning of Saturday. I started it the day of its release, and by Friday, I was so emotionally drained. Between the happy parts, as well as the sadder parts. I definitely want to do a reread of the series. Because I only reread TOG and read, The assassins blade, empire of storms, and tower of dawn for the very first time. But I just preordered the special edition of TOG from Amazon, and I am getting books 2 thur 4, from book depository. So I am thinking around January, if not than, maybe wait until Spring at the latest.