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If you wouldn't read it again, then you wouldn't read it again ... that's the way things are. No reason for anybody else to get their assorted bodyparts in a twist (and no need to apologize to anyone). It's your book and your reading experience! It's a pity it wasn't an all-around satisfying experience for you, but we can't all like every book we read -- and we can't all like the same books. That's totally OK, and it's a pity it even needs to be said these days.

Hope you'll like your next book a great deal better and will be happy to return to it in the future! :)
Lovely Bookworm's Blog 7 months ago
So true. I belong to this Facebook group and as soon as you say you don't like a book or that you find it boring, people start attacking you. Not every book will be everyones taste :)
Char's Horror Corner 7 months ago
I agree with Themis-Athena. Never apologize for liking or not liking a book. You have a right to your opinion!
Lovely Bookworm's Blog 7 months ago
Y'all so understanding, I love it! :)
Bark at the Ghouls 7 months ago
Nah, no need to worry here. I DNF'd this book because I went in thinking it was The Night Circus for some reason and was very disappointed!
Lovely Bookworm's Blog 7 months ago
I want to read The Night Circus soon! My sister said it's good hahaha