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Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
I only disagree with one point: "Remember that the people who are most critical or negative about your creative work are probably jealous that you have the courage to express yourself through your art and they don’t."

That point echoes too closely of saying your critics are jealous hater trolls. Not all of us reading books, listening to music, enjoying paintings, etc. have an urge to create the same.

I think everyone should create what they are moved to create. Art isn't always explainable. Art doesn't have to be justified. People expressing different reactions and opinions about it other than supportive praise and encouragement are not necessarily jealous.
Giles' Mad Musings 2 years ago
Very well said. Thank you for sharing.

I do believe that the blanket statement of them being jealous is oversimplifying things. People love or hate a creative endeavor of another for a myriad of reasons. And why jealousy can of course play a role in some instances, it definitely isn't always the case.

Sometimes I think that statements like that are more meant to give courage to the creative than to be held as an actual fact. A little verbal bravado to help face the slings and arrows. Or at least I hope so. Otherwise it makes for a rather bitter worldview.

But then again, if it is taken too seriously, it could close the ears to the kind criticism that can actually help the project and the artist grow.