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GreyWarden 4 years ago
You forgot to give it a title.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
It got away from me before I was finished. Now I'm finished.
Sophie W. (guest) 4 years ago
Does anyone get tired of the bickering, how hard is it for someone to be the bigger man and just walk away. All this is doing in the end is destroying everyone involved. Yes, it started with a blog post that apparently started a war. But in the end someone has to finally just sit back and say what the hell is the point. Each person has there own opinions...but in the end tearing each other apart isn't solving anything it is just making things worse.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Do you know what I'm tired of? People trying to excuse kev and York and Jay for their actions. Time to accept some responsibility, time to grow up.

Now since lying, cheating and death threats only make you whine about wanting me to be quiet, you can go back to wattpad and pout.


And please notice the only ones offering physical violence, the only ones gaming the system are your buddies. They are the ones making it worse. Tell them to be quiet, tell them to walk away.

I'm angry, get the hell off my page.
Sophie W. (guest) 4 years ago
Well lets hope Kev has a better head on his shoulders, and walks away from this war the bigger man. It is obvious you are a lost cause that will have to face your actions one day even if it isn't in this life. Good Luck, I hope the only reason your not end this is because your looking for the publicity out of this. But no worries I won't be worrying anymore about this because I will sleep with a clear mind tonight for at least trying.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Drama much?
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Mind-fucked drone.
I can't tell if this is satire or not. -_-
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
I'm not in the mood to entertain the underage masses. No more guests.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Sorry, had to delete whoever because he could keep replying and I'm not cluttering up the feed with witless wonders.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
No more drones, minions, sad little children hastening to try to get kev to pat them on the head. No more gutless guests.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Bye, whoever you aren't.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Really glad you think death threats are small. Not forgiving you. Go back to wattpad.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Now why am I supposed to end this? Why not speak to kev? He started this, no one else did. So if he stands down and publicly apologizes, but that won't happen. And you might want to read carefully those first three ss of kev in action and then try to make this argument again.

Yes, hate is a destructive thing and I'm not the one who made it so popular. Consider that.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
I've tried to be nice but I'm not seeing you giving kev these little inspirational talks. Why is that? Tomorrow I'm taking all my ss of good ol'kev making good ol' threats down to the police and I'll let them handle it.

I'm tired of cheaters and liars and people who only want anyone calling them out to please be quiet. Now, Riley, please be quiet and leave.

I seem to have a much better conscience than all of you put together.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
I'm worse than him? Wow, you are so freaking lost.
What I think she means is she's an Author and Kevin defends Authors and you don't always, so he's better.

Also, you spoke out against Ellora's Cave. Guess who's an Ellora's Cave author? That also may make her a bit biased.
Ellora 4 years ago
Nonsense! I've never seen this woman before in my life!

Not awkward at all when you - or someone acting as your publishing company - disowns any knowledge of one of your authors. Then again, when your publishing company was in a whole bunch of controversies, maybe you kinda wanna be like 'don't call me, I'll call you,' when one of your authors stirs up yet more gross shit?
nospin 4 years ago
Aha, that explains a bunch.
Linda Hilton 4 years ago
"Ellora" joined today, 25 Jan 2015. Another sock? Probably.
Yup. Come to think of it, must block her as well.
GreyWarden 4 years ago
Why does this 'random passerby' with no history whatsoever sound so much like Kevin to me?
So it starts with Maggie calling you and the Kev threatens what he'll do if you call him... Irony?
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Lots of. Linda can't deconstruct York's writing cause that's bullying but kev can get his drones to to attack her and that's Truth, Justice, and the American Way.
Yes, Mahala. Death threats are okay when the people making are just trying to stroke the ego of their most favoritist narcissistic sociopath.

And I love how Ms. Riley tries to play the random passerby who's totally clueless but can't manage to keep it up for more than two sentences.

It's disturbing to me that these people consider themselves writers.

But, Tina, at least she's made me think of /something/: things I would rather be doing than talking to her.

It looks like only one of her Kindle books has broken the millionth in rank sales. Ouch. I kinda understand the butthurt now.
He's off on a tangent about Grim now over on Amazon. B/c you're allegedly tenderizing your newest victim.

He's posted like seven comments about it already. To himself, since nobody's biting.
He probably just assumes that I, y'know, care.

Oh, noes, a misogynistic man who uses threats of violence against women hates me. And my life is just /built/ around pleasing those dicks! What will I do now that one of them haaaaates me? *swoons in despair*

Forge of Solus Prime. You know what he can do with it.

GreyWarden 4 years ago
Where? What thread?

ETA: NM- found it. Deletions have already started.

I'd advise just reading and not engaging.
I care so little that I haven't bothered to check it out.
nospin 4 years ago
I really tried not to. Sorry.
He left a few details out of his first post, didn't he? Butter wouldn't melt...
I laughed so hard. I've been contacted with worries that I'll be his next target. Cue more laughter after seeing these attempts.
becca123 4 years ago
Wow dimwit. It has nothing to do with sex - if anything you're the sexist. He's not " going after her " because she's a woman. YOU brought that up because you think that if you can play the underdog you'll get pity. If anything's a pity, it's that people like you actually exist. Get educated.
nospin 4 years ago
Another mind drone to block

I'd bother explaining, but why wast the time when it'll go over your head. Internal misogyny? Check.
Actually you guys brought up sexuality and misogyny. Kevin was claiming Linda was a misogynist and a woman hater and a 'bad feminist' b/c she had the audacity to tear apart a BOOK written by a woman.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Linda Hilton 4 years ago
Because, y'know, we real feminists would never criticize another woman like Phyllis Schlafly, Katie Roiphe, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Catharine MacKinnon. Oh, wait, MacKinnon is a feminist, but other feminists criticize her? Yep. Some feminists think Andrea Dworkin was totally wrong. Others think she was totally right. bell hooks? Judith Butler? Dale Spender? Lots of pros, lots of cons.

Just shows how pathetically little the whine-baby knows about feminism.
Bwahahahah! Thanks for the laughs.
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
Hmm...calling the police over a death threat is a little girl bothering them?


One side slammed a book in their consumer product opinions.

One side makes death threats because they feel some reader (who is the author's customer) is not praising a commercial product is a bully. Seriously, the death threat makers mock bully victims by saying book can be bullied—of course, their return slamming author/book ratings 1-star is, in their opinion, not at all bullying, attacking or harassing and the site staff/support when pointed to the conversations and screen shots would never *sarcasm* see that as as harrassing site members, gaming the system, sockpuppetry or anything because the poor widdle book was bullied by bad little girls. *gag*
Linda Hilton 4 years ago
How did I miss the rest of this thread? And the Amazon comments are all gone by now, I suppose. Maybe I'll take a look, just to gather some more evidence maybe.

As for his mama's basement, you can look the house up on Google, though, and it looks quite nice. So he's probably very comfortable living there.
Oh, stop poking him. Now he's going to claim you're threatening to bomb his house or some shit.
I don't even know what state he lives in.

And if he really wants to show the world that much of his ass, he's free to do so.
Linda Hilton 4 years ago
He can claim whatever he wants, but I never threatened to do anything. He'd have a hard time finding any screen shots of such threats. His threats, on the other hand, have been well documented.
Hmm. Someone's back to mansplain things to us again. I could use another good laugh. And it might get me to finally read 'Men Explain Things to Me,' because I really need to get around to that.
becca123 4 years ago
Wow. Delusional AND desperate. Where's the triple threat?
You're right. Kevin is delusional and desperate. He's also a liar, an attention whore, a manipulator, a whiner, ridiculously immature, and a really shitty writer whose shitty writing is only eclipsed by his even shittier reading comprehension.

Shoot, you only needed one more, didn't you? Oh well. Feel free to pick and choose.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
She can't respond, I'm afraid I've grown choosy about who can comment.
Oh, noes. That's too bad. How ever will I survive.

Linda Hilton 4 years ago
Obviously she's not a very good writer, or she'd have asked "Where's the third threat?" It can't be a triple threat unless there are already three.

In her case, however, I'm guessing that the third modifier would be simply dumb. Unless of course she's actually just one of those socks Kevin stopped using, in which case she would be derivative.
Ya know, I have never ever seen anyone downvote comments on bl. I usually forget they're even there.

I wonder if Kevin knows they're not going to make anyone's posts disappear. Like his always do on Amazon.

Or that nobody cares.

Probably not.
That little fucking shit!

Over on Amazon, the thread that Paro started about you, he all of a sudden posted like five times in a row and deleted them pretty quickly.

One person quoted his last post and it was all about this list he was going to post and how we would all be shattered and blah, blah, blah.

I said it sounded like he was threatening to doxx people. Discussion ensued about how bad that is. So he comes back all outraged and how dare anyone accuses him of doxxing. He has never and would never do such a thing.

I actually apologized to the little Fuckbag. I apologized for making an incorrect assumption about what he was refering to in his post.

Not long after I get a message from a friend who happened to be tracking the discussion by email. Kevin/Paro had actually posted a link, two separate times, that was a hack that harvested your ip adress and emailed it to the person who set it up.

I called him on it and now it was all just a super funny internet joke. Like those super funny death threats.

This asshole is fucking loathsome.

Here are links to ss's of the now deleted posts. Along with one that takes you to a hack website (which came up safe in my anti-virus program) and the link to the Amazon thread where he's now claiming the list was not going to be doxxing anyone, it was some other thing he's been setting up for a year with info he's planted all over the Internet that's not actually true. Idiot.

Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Thanks , I'll find a good use for it. Today.
That's right - you get to visit the feds today!

And here:

Nothing you can use, I don't think, but I tear apart his video games aren't sexist argument.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Great post, grim
nospin 4 years ago
Hope the weather is okay in your area.
So far, it's fine. Gotta ship out the little Daryl to the winner, then going to head to the studio. I usually have dinner with friends tonight, but it all depends on how it goes. I may end up noticing a ton of snow then just go inside.

Thank you for the thoughts. (Unless they were directed at SA, in which case, I hope it's fine where she is, too. But I don't track where people are, because I don't care, so it's hard for me to tell. And now I'm remembering she mentioned it, and I don't know what the forecast is for her area. Anyway, NM if it wasn't directed at me.)
Linda Hilton 4 years ago
I've been keeping an eye on the weather in your direction too, Grim♥. You're not alone in that neck of the woods so EVERYONE be careful.
I almost fell on my ass on the block of ice in front of my studio. Luckily, I have large windows. If it gets too bad, I'll drive home when it's safe, and knit in front of the fireplace. (Or, uh, heaters. Unlikely anyone will light up the fireplace tonight!)

And thank you!
Y'all stay warm up there!
SadReader (guest) 3 years ago
The sadness here is very real.. How people can waste their time (and those of law enforcement agencies) is appalling... You just should grow up and be the bigger person - nothing is gained from people acting like this to each other. :
Sad is someone commenting on a post that's been silent for over a year, Way to let it go.
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
Yes, this mystery "guest" clearly decided to be the bigger person *snark* and let it go.

What sort of person are they to admonish people who get death threats to not bother law enforcement?
Spare Ammo 3 years ago
Another underage follower?