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Jenny Schwartz 3 years ago
I always thought miss piggy was a bitch. But I love kermie.
She was, but even bitches deserve love. I loved how Kermit loved her despite her awful flaws. It gave me hope that someone would love me despite all of my insecurities.
Yep, bitches deserve love, too. I remember my mom hating it when I watched the the Muppets because I always ended up acting like miss piggy for hours afterwards.
Who WOULDN'T want to be Miss Piggy? She's fabulous and she doesn't give a fuck.
I can't believe it!! I love Kermie and if thought that if they could be happy, anyone could find love. :(
Bark at the Ghouls 3 years ago
That is so sad :(
Oh no!
I bet it's a promotion for the new Muppet Show.

Which they seem to be trying to turn into a soap.