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isanythingopen 8 years ago
Oh man.
Hopefully it's something easy-ish.
Why is always dead of winter when this type of stuff happens.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
There is nothing about this mess that is going to be easy. Things that should have been updated before this weren't and now it will be necessary to do them all. There is no just switching out the furnace for a new one, so much has been done incorrectly here. At least I'm almost 100% sure I won't have to have a new electrical panel like my neighbor needed when he had a new furnace installed. Everything else though ...
Murder by Death 8 years ago
Well that answered my question. I couldn't figure out why a bad blower would necessitate all new ductwork.

I'm very sorry you're the owner that got stuck paying for all the sins of the previous owner. I've been there and it sucks. On the plus side when you come out on the other side, you'll have an up-to-date system with a bright shiny warranty. :)
Spiked eggnog, to be festive and all. Sounds nightmarish, hope you get at least a modicum of good news tomorrow.
Olga Godim 8 years ago
Sounds bad, especially before the holidays. Everyone is going on vacation.
Kitty Horror 8 years ago
I hope you get it sorted. If not, come and spend xmas in Oz, it's been between 25-30 degrees celsius here. :)
8 years ago
I'm not liking this post and I'm so sorry to hear this. What the hell were the previous owners thinking? Oh, probably something like let's jimmy it along and stick the next owner with the bill.
That really blows.
What are you going to do in the meantime?
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
Thanks all. The weather here is warm(ish) enough that the little heat I have is fine. Just had the 2nd person in and he sees no problem with leaving the ductwork alone, I do but I'm not going to argue. He can do it next week.
8 years ago
It's pretty nice here too. I wish you could enjoy the nice (warmish) weather instead of worrying about all this. :(
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
I can't talk about this stuff publically because of confidentiality agreements but it is not gonna be my bill. Thank the gods. Furnace person #3 dropped by yesterday. Furnace person #2 did not impress me. Furnace person #4 will be by tomorrow. Hopefully furnace will be installed before next Saturday. No one wants to tear out the ductwork so we are working around.

No one wants to crawl up three stories high to line the chimney either. I don't blame them, the pitch is insanely steep. I think the good weather will hold but if not then the weather might determine the type of furnace.
8 years ago
Oh, not having to pay for it must be a relief!