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the target closest to me has had christmas stuff out since july ... halloween came out some time before that in the same area and they already have valentines in another ....
That's just crazy. August isn't even half over yet.
Murder by Death 7 years ago
I hate this kind of crap - there should, I swear, be a federal law prohibiting seasonal displays further out than 6 weeks before said holiday. We'd all enjoy them more if they weren't forced down our throats all the time.
I actually asked their district manager about why they do that, yes its to make more money but its supposed to address the many complaints they had from people who couldn't afford to buy decorations and gifts in the holiday season in such limited windows they had them displayed before. Saving up for long periods of time makes it easier for lower income families to be able to buy them. Its nice but its still annoying lol
Got My Book 7 years ago
I grew up poor and we didn't spend our money on store bought holiday decorations (other than a real tree every year, since it was important to my mother). We made our own.
my family did this a lot as well. lol
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
It''s been over 90 for more than a week, absolutely NO ONE is thinking beyond ice cold drinks and air conditioning.
I noticed on Wednesday when I was out shopping that one store had a huge holiday display out already - oddly enough, for Thanksgiving.
Hallowe'en is insane enough, but that ... just takes the cake. (Or the turkey, as it were.)
isanythingopen 7 years ago
Cute, but a mite early. Geez.