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Is she the 'very worthy debut indie author'? She's using her own name and speaking about herself in the third person? Really? smh

Good thing I got ss's of Language Lover aka Karen Hathaway Pittman claiming she wasn't the author, E. Llewellyn, on Amazon, huh?

What. A. Fucking. Twat.
No Glitter Blown 8 years ago
Someone's been busy.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
Yup. I wonder what would happen if the ABAB could see what she is posting/has posted? Did she leave GR or was she banned?
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
*gag* how often are authors going to equate a negative book rating/review (or even thousands of negative reviews, ratings, or comments) with bullying? So detrimental to bully prevention efforts and so demeaning to and belittling of real bully victims.

I don't know of any community review site where the TOS allows attacking, harassing or bullying of another member including but not limited to hate speech or outright threats. These butthurts are just going for the sympathy and drama that can lead to more sales or at least more positive ratings from people (mostly other indie authors) wanting to helps the poor wee little victims. (Well, goodreads staff has now decided that any such TOS violations in non-staff groups are up to individual moderators to police but that newly acknowledged policy isn't what these authors are talking about.)

I love how these "bully victims" never post quotes or screenshots of the attacks they so heroically bear... Not saying it never happens that an author is attacked in a review, just that the BBA throwing temper tantrums over negative reviews and calling it bullying are ridiculous. If they are being attacked, versus their product being torn apart and attacked by a reviewer, why aren't they sharing that attack out everywhere and contacting site support and law enforcement? Why cry being bullied, harassed, gang raped, attacked, trolled or whatever today's flavor is without sharing out what the attack was? Twaddle.
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
*snort* the poor bully victim. Her sales being in jeopardy is what those authors are supporting; no one seems to be trying to get the victim help to recover from the trauma of being bullied—nope, these paragons of niceness are out to protect the book sales (regardless of book quality because being a victim makes a debut author "worthy") and not at all apparently concerned with the purported bully victim.
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
I want to know how to trash an author's amazon page.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
But she thinks she's the victim after all she has deleted a lot of her more outrageous posts so I guess she thinks no one is smart enough to keep ss of it all.
Yeah, she's totally innocent. Below are a few of her comments, pretending she's not the author, threatening legal action and claiming people just randomly swarmed her poor book en masse with one-stars in a coordinated attack.

She has four one-star reviews on Amazon and nobody even heard of heard of her until her and a friend *ahem* sock puppet *ahem* went bat-shit commenting on every single review of her books. Even some three or four stars. She was attacked so badly that GRs banned her? What, for her own protection? Or maybe b/c of her obnoxious - dare I say, HYSTERICAL - comments to random GRs users.
"In reply to an earlier post on Mar 1, 2014 11:15:03 AM PST
Language Lover says:
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I have combed through this list of VERIFIED AMAZON CUSTOMERS that this reviewer, Lily, has just impugned in her last comment, above. Despite her scurrilous and insupportable insinuations that these readers are "unethical enough to falsify positive reviews," not ONE of them has in any way engaged her directly, indirectly, or otherwise, nor have any of them attacked her. I note also (with keen ironic relish) that every single one of them has placed money in Amazon's pocket for the privilege of opining on this author's works, whereas Lily has not. This is very, very bad form indeed; far worse than any the author's "poodles" have been accused of.

Furthermore, just for the record: Anyone who reads indie fiction who has been on the web this past week is already well aware of the coordinated smear campaign being waged VERY PUBLICLY - and hysterically - against this author. Doubtless Lily is not part of it, no! Even so, she should think twice before giving even the appearance of being. In this day and age, that sort of DEMONSTRABLE ONLINE COLLUSION is not only frowned upon: it is ACTIONABLE. I would not blame a single one of these readers for any recourse he or she sought for this unwarranted mischief. Shame shame shame!"
"In reply to an earlier post on Mar 1, 2014 11:47:52 AM PST
Language Lover says:
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Furthermore, the takeaway from this last comment by Lily is that these reviews are somehow less defensible because they were left by readers who do not habitually leave reviews. This I could see if the tenor of these critiques was markedly different from the tenor of those positive reviews left by other readers who do. However, a close reading of this author's ENTIRE REVIEW CHAIN (and not just those voted up, en masse, in a clearly suspect manor, by a whole horde of colluders descending all at once) plainly reveals quite the opposite: if anything, the latter reviews are even more fulsome in their praise than the majority of those left by the persons so listed! So how does calling these 5-star reviewers out by name in any way diminish the legitimacy of their assessments, let alone the overall - and OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE - reception of Llewellyn's work?

I further note that not a single one of Llewellyn's "poodles" in any way commented or reacted to a single critical review until all of these 1-stars began pouring in at the same time, within hours of one another. Perhaps some reviewers think prospective readers are too dense to smell the rot in Demark; but I dare say even the densest has enough taste to recoil from this stench ..."
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
Damn marketing ploys. No publicity is worse than bad publicity. (Or as anyone with a toddler knows temper tantrums commence when not getting the attention or goodies they feel they deserve. Thwarting their entitled selves must mean they are being picked on and everyone is a meanie.)
Linda Hilton 8 years ago
You will be posting this discreetly as a comment on your about-the-book-only review on GR, won't you? ;-)
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
Should I? I did post it on Julio's, yes, I guess I will.
Spare Ammo: "Yup. I wonder what would happen if the ABAB could see what she is posting/has posted? Did she leave GR or was she banned?"

I doubt they'll care. The truth has no place there. Authors are victims. Regardless of what they do to initiate their 'victimization'. They iz victims!

Eta: and she was banned. Along with Fiona the Sock, I mean, her 'very talented and beautiful reader friend' and a few others who all gave her books five-stars.
Um... his father's 'stallions'? *stifles snicker*

Sheesh, guess she missed the limelight, huh? Frankly, I'm more interested in the mention re: K. Bromberg. WTH did I miss this time?
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
Was gonna ask that but I got sidetracked by my missing review.
Idk. I was curious about that myself. This one is just a wee but crazy, though, so it may be nothing.

Or maybe Bromberg got a few less than glowing reviews, too and in EL's mind that equals bullying. Seems like a likely possibility, tbh.
*nods* I know of at least 3, one of which was posted just this week.
Mammarella 8 years ago
OK, those pulsating ears did me in. Just like the straw-grabbing eyes in the other book. I am on the floor laughing.
Two different authors? Maybe. But honestly, I think they are one and the same.
Mammarella 8 years ago
Where does she get all this time and energy from? Holy crap! A nuclear reactor can feed off of her.
OMG, she is claiming to be a bully victim?!! Holy shit, that is hilarious. What kind of moron would believe that?! Oh wait, the STGRB idiots eat it up every time. :-)

So does anyone know what did K Bromberg did? She writes shitty books, but has she gone after reviewers? I see she mentioned that author.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
There is something abt her hubs and an old crime?
Hmmm, I haven't heard anything. I saw her blog post which implies there is a vigilantly group trying to crash her social media sites, but no more than that. I personally think Bromberg is a seriously over-rated author, (I suffered through her book last week), but I am not seeing anything she did that merits that kind of organized attack. As far as I can tell, she's been cool with the reviewers, and Lord knows she has taken a lot of heat from them.
Jamie's Book Blog 8 years ago
Yep I can remember in High school being mercilessly bullied and the one thing I was worried about more than anything else in the world guessed it sales. Oh wait! Sorry, I forgot I was bullied in the real world and not on Batshitinsania!
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
*snicker* I like "Batshitinsania."
Spare Ammo wrote: Flagrant harassment-does not mean what Karen wants it to.

Neither does 'libelous'. *headdesk*
MLE's Porn and Ponies 8 years ago
Words fail me. They really do.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
Too bad several thousands didn't fail Llewellyn-it might have made a better book.
Ahhh, this is likely the person behind the new STGRB spin-off 'Unmask the Goodreads Bullies"

I noticed she "liked" all of the posts on the new FB page, then remembered this blog post.
Sock Poppet at Play 8 years ago
She uses the same sign "Bullying Stops Here" on the FB page.

One of the comments is from an alleged psychotherapist. It's almost incomprehensible.

"Valerie Cassar I'll help in anyway I can. As a psychotherapist I see the damage. Born out of insecurity, jealousy but we have to see the complete picture. Human nature the power to hurt. Power a great addage, an evil tool in the wrong mind!!!!!"
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
You think? The writing doesn't feel like her at least not what she has written elsewhere. The UGB doesn't have the unfortunate "I'm sooo much smarter than you" smirky feel of Llewellyn's writing. UGB is boring in a grasping at coherency and legitimacy sort of way.

Whoever is writing it is a very pedestrian writer. A plodder. Someone who probably gets reviews where "boring", "predictable", and "mediocre" are used over and over.

Llewellyn is too overwrought in style, she can't stop it or maybe she won't stop it because she thinks it sets her apart from other writers and it does, just not in the way she so fondly imagines.

Valerie Casser sounds like all her rooms have padded walls.
I am not say she is the person behind it, but I wouldn't be surprised if she knows who is. If all they are going to do is re-hash old STGRB posts, how boring.
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
Llewelyn and the other authors just don't seem coherent. It makes no sense to me why you would not want cyber-regulation if you are convinced you are being bullied and flagrantly harassed. Either drama llamas wanting attention to books not being discovered enough or victim blaming egocentrics not caring that they are undermining bully prevention efforts and demeaning victims of actual bullying.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
"Either drama llamas wanting attention to books not being discovered enough or victim blaming egocentrics not caring that they are undermining bully prevention efforts and demeaning victims of actual bullying." This.
Belinda (guest) 5 years ago
Well E. Llewellyn is still up to her old tricks. She's gotten creepier though. Constantly posting photos of her dead husband - and I mean, his death bed photos. That and constant diatribes about how awful the gay community is. This from a woman who writes M/M fic? Lord, lady, enough. By the way his name was Todd Pittman and she is indeed Karen Hathaway Pittman: :
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
Facilitated Friction Marketing = creating friction (if possible even a flame war) within demographic that's your most likely consumer base. Write M/M, that drama llama marketing ploy says offend gay community; write romance, offend romance readers; write devotionals, offend a major religious community; and so on.

Always with the commercial interest protesting own innocence and victim blaming the consumers offended by commercial interest comments and activities. If gets heated enough to possibly damage sales or get commercial interest banned on sites they use to reach consumers, start wiping out the worst comments and claim whatever currently gets you a lot of sympathy (like claiming to be bullied) as if comments never existed ...
Mammarella 5 years ago
It's very simple, really. A classic case of attention junkie. I wish I had her energy, tho.
Spare Ammo 5 years ago
Llewellyn seems to be one of those people who aren't happy unless they are miserable or being superior to us unwashed masses. Yes, I have seen the pics and videos (!) of her late husband that she has posted. I keep a close eye on the cray cray. She is on her 2nd roommate, it seems she is not able to live without supervision from someone, shall we say, less batshit crazy.

She has now removed her 2 ebooks from Amazon. She has posted in passing that she has plans to release them in hardcover (?!?), she is also saying she is shopping her late hub's thesis for publication a it is sooooo groundbreaking, and she is writing a book about Todd and CJD, the disease he contracted . She posted a rough excerpt, it was all about her, her, her.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
I have sympathy for her loss, of course. But that's no excuse to mock bully victims by equating bad responses to your commercial product with being bullied (or to go around attacking readers who didn't like it or decide to boycott it). She should, if out of it with grief or feeling attacked, back away until can be a bit more professional and try to get help from her support system, friends, therapist..sometimes friends need to get friends to step away and unplug, to at least write the upset responses offline to think about a while before posting.

This would be a whole other situation for me and she'd have my sympathy for being attacked if there were no sales or products involved. Or if she was saying someone who had repeatedly bullied her elsewhere was coming online to attack her with fake product reviews under sockpuppets (instead she's making her own sockpuppets and badly disguised aliases ...). If she's not doing anything wrong and is instead the victim, why is she wiping out her nasty comments to reviewers and pretending anyone who claims to have read the comments is lying and bullying her?

A consumer/reader not buying her product is not bullying. A consumer not liking her product and publicly saying so is not bullying her. Multiple consumers boycotting her product after seeing those reviews and her responses are not bullying her.
Spare Ammo 5 years ago
Precisely. Every review that criticized her books was automatically written by an unintelligent troll and every 5 star review was by a person of intelligence and discernment. She declared she wanted nothing more to do with the M/M writers and reviewers, spewed thinly veiled and not veiled at all racism all around, and has spent the last two years declaring that no one has ever experienced a loss as devastating and traumatic as her own. She vilifies part of her family and her MIL for not behaving and saying what she thinks they should.I have some sympathy for her but she is a monster.