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I doubt that a big name author would have to buy reviews in that way. It's usually first time self publishers that get it wrong. The thing is, free books for review are available all the time. Who would take up the offer? I don't know anything about the original post, but I can't think of any reason someone would blog about it and not name them. Sounds fishy.

I think that if integrity of reviews is what is upsetting you, the best you can do is make your reputation as a reliable reviewer. Everyone knows there are fake reviews out there and they are usually pretty obvious. An author selling reviews is effectively shooting him or herself in the foot without any extra help.
Linda Hilton 5 years ago
The original has been reblogged several times, including here:

This does not look like something from a "first time self publisher."

The original blogger -- who has since removed her entire account from BL -- stated repeatedly that she was extremely upset to realize that an author she admired had resorted to this. Again, not the actions one would expect of a "first time self publisher," who presumably wouldn't have the email subscribers to recruit anyway.
I'm still getting used to the reblogging thing. I see what they meant about reblogging reviews looking like they were written by the person who reblogged. Maybe we should suggest that a reblog has a distinctive header instead of a small line of text, so that it's easy to see that it's a reblog?
Jamie's Book Blog 5 years ago
I can't help but wonder if it's not some organization, you know like those one's out there that are screaming about bullies that didn't post this in order to get alot of comments that they can use and take out of context. I guess only time will tell.