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Linda Hilton 5 years ago

It appears Sharon Sala is still writing under her pseudonym "Dinah McCall."
Spare Ammo 5 years ago
No one gets a pseudonym unless they are my friend or at least agree with me. ;)
The Surly Dragon 5 years ago
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
*snicker* and let's not forget that brief moment had a glitch that did reveal everyone's real names. Most of the really nasty reviews were from other authors.
KindleRomance 5 years ago
Now Anne Rice is telling authors not to sign the petition because of the forum on Amazon tracking the authors that are signing it. So she's telling them not to stand up for what they supposedly believe in?

This is on her Facebook page:

" There is still time to sign a petition on, addressed to Amazon, asking that they require real names for reviews and posting in the Amazon Discussion Forums. I'll post a link to this in the comment line below for those who are interested. Authors, I do not advise you to sign. Sadly, there is a thread in the Amazon Discussions Forums in which the names of authors signing the petition have been listed, apparently to invite spite or retaliation. But for the rest of you --- all honest book customers of Amazon --- I do invite you to sign. This is about civility, about decency, and about authenticity in book reviewing. It's about freedom of expression. And in no way is it intended to demean or diminish those many anonymous reviewers who have contributed honestly to the reviews on Amazon over these many years. Anonymity in itself is not a bad thing; it is the abuse of it which is bad, and has resulted in harm being done to many authors."
Spare Ammo 5 years ago
Rice has trouble with the truth quite often, Because it really is about those reviews and publicity for a writer who isn't as popular as she used to be. Wonder why.
Linda Hilton 5 years ago
Rice makes my head hurt. Every time I try to parse out her logic . . . . . . and then I remember you can't find logic in the illogical. Does not compute. Does. Not. Compute.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
The "retaliations" I've been hearing are just reviewers pulling their reviews to avoid bullying the poor dear victimized authors. *snark*

She's conveniently forgetting that petition equates reviews with cyber-bullying—and how odd author comments on it seem when they start demanding additional measures like also having to publicize email (and "followup" contact info) or how just plain odd and vicious the authors sound. I saw worse comments in that petition by authors attacking readers than anything any author linked to as a bullying example. (One strange book author linked to a journalist covering a fanatic religious group receiving unsigned death threats as proof of reviewers bullying authors shielded by anonymity on amazon.)

Moot point for Rice. The petition has served its publicity purpose for her book announcement. Now the comments from authors signing contain some embarrassing ones and there's a backlash to deal with threatening to obscure her book's share of the spotlight.