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Spare Ammo 8 years ago
Someone returned one of her books-I bet she is still selling and WTH did she think would happen? Unicorns and rainbows?
*sigh* I've honestly been trying to ignore this whole thing as much as possible b/c one) really? and two) Amazon is thankfully not run by a bunch of butthurt whiners who like to cut off their own noses just to spite their faces, so this will never actually happen, but the stupid is becoming unavoidable.

Mahala, I think this was another case of an author just being so angry that any and all reading comprehension failed them. We've seen it numerous times before. Or she just figured, kinda like what's happening with the entire petition and all those claims of threats and bullying, that nobody would look too closely and would just take the po', abused, subjugated awefurs word for it.

Which most of them did.

*long suffering sigh, this time, as well as a facepalm/headdesk combo*
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
I would have some respect for her if she admitted that she got it wrong but that won't happen. It won't hurt me or you, or Amazon but it sure will bite her in the ass.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
Would someone link me to the list of authors, please? Not because I want any refunds - I just want to make sure I never accidentally review any of their books.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago