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If it ever gets re-released with good editing, is there a way we can find out?

I like the idea, but I'm not going to waste my time on mediocre to bad writing. And the fact that it was Kickstarted means the author HAD, or should have had, the resources to get an editor.
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I wouldn't say the writing was 'bad' per se, but yeah it certainly had many mediocre moments particularly in the dialogue. but I do want to empathize that I enjoyed this book! the author's creativity is genuinely impressive. the breathless pacing also worked well, although a little exhausting at times.

I dunno if there is a way find out about a re-release. I am doubtful that that would even happen, as this is apparently (I just found this out) the third book in a series, out of four books. and since I've read published books by established authors that had really bad writing, far worse than in this novel, I sorta doubt this is a goal of the author. really, all he has to do is look at at all of the books with genuinely shitty writing that have actually made money and I can see any urge to go through an extensive editing process evaporate. particularly since the areas of improvement aren't around typographical errors (I saw none) but have to do with the prose itself.
Thanks for replying, appreciate it.